About Last Winter!

The first time, Lalafamilia hosted a collection of music, art and performances in windows like the theater, the Mainstage and the garden. As winter was setting in the color of the family hairline kept getting more vibrant. There were rumors of another homecoming gathering.

This time Noreen Van Holstein, wanted to bring all the elements from the street to LaLaLife . The team had to take the flower that the plant grew in the Industrial Estate deeper through the streets to Nagoa, in October to accomodate the streets. The flower from Lalaland would channelise enough energy to channelize three times more of the population that the first edition could host.

Some of the family members who walked through the door the first time, stayed here to enhance the strength of the idea and the reality that the LaLaDimension holds.

Annu Yadav And Deseray Alvares were the youngest members of the family who stayed on this side of the door for winter,  to expand the vibrance in their hair and help the Familia create this second edition. From communications to creation of fashion and armor they have worked hand in hand.

Jai Aditya Singh is a nomadic warrior who is a family friend and have encountered the Lalafamilia in other timezones. Jai keeps visting Goa, in order to help sustain the gears that runs the transfer of energy from the flower to opening the dimensional gates of art, magic and magnificence.

The Second Edition encountered elements from the Skatelife cousins of LalaGoa and LalaMumbai  to the LalaQueen from highest hills. Lalaland also gets you the tastiest food, fresh from thedimension of Happy!

The team took more than 1400 people from all ages to Lalaland in this edition!


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